Rock, Jazz, Blues

Gypsy Sunrise Band is an eclectic mix of many genres, that comes together in beautiful harmony

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New Music In The Works

We've been working hard to bring you new music.  We several new tunes in the works, we are expecting to release a new single in the beginning of 2018.  Stay tuned...

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Download Our Music

You can download our music from Bandcamp.  Check out all our available tunes.

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Music To Span The Ages

Gypsy Sunrise Band is the brain child of Dan Andersen and Brett McKinney.  Started in 1989, Dan and Brett created a feel good rock band originating from Humboldt County, CA. Originally formed in in the small town of Blue Lake, Gypsy Sunrise Band has continued throughout the years.  The guys of Gypsy Sunrise Band have continued the writing process throughout the years, creating new tunes that have kept to the core goal.


More to Come

We are creating new music, and expect to have a new release in the new year.  In the meantime, you can download our current catalog at Bandcamp.  Head over there and support the band!